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How you may be unknowingly sabotaging your relationship

Do you gravitate toward what’s easy or run from difficulty ? What if everyone communicated from their heart and allowed truth to flow over rationality and over analysis ? Relationships of all kinds are affected by this affliction. This often leads to avoidance of communication, distancing behaviors, assumption, resentment, hurt and sometimes devastation in intimate relationships. This behavior creates conflict internally which drives a wedge disconnecting you from not only others but yourself. In these instances, you are not fully inhabiting your body or living from your heart and soul. You are prohibiting the depth of experience to truly be who you were meant to be. So what if you communicated from your heart, allowed yourself to feel deeply ? What if you allowed truth to flow over rationality and over analysis ? You would say what you mean, mean what you say with love and have little regret. You would connect with others and yourself in a profound and meaningful way. You would be connected to others on a deeper level and be more at peace with yourself and your decisions. You would not deprive yourself of true connection and deeply fulfilling experiences. You would truly live from the deepest fullest expression of self. Lisa Angelini,MAPC, LPC, ACCHT Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach 602-330-6378


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