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My clients mean so much to me. Hear what they have to say...

Hear what they have to say...

I wanted to be sure to express my gratitude for the impact you have had on my life during this part of my journey. Your counseling opened the door to examining the many variables and challenges in my life that I was so ready to address today, yet that began 40 years ago. You welcomed these 40 years of complexities with open arms and truly brought healing. The healing sometimes came in quiet ways – a sentence of wisdom or an experience shared that I “got” weeks later when life showed me the lesson again. Sometimes the healing was in resonant ways through the tools and sessions that spoke directly to my life. Most often, healing came in profound ways that showed me a new perspective for a challenge I was not seeing to help me to connect patterns and circumstances and bring meaning. Your approach tapped into my spirit, encouraging clarity when processing my life’s decisions. You helped me to become my best self, believe in myself again, and giving me effective strategies to move forward while releasing old coping strategies that were no longer serving me. You patiently helped me learn lessons in the timing that I needed to learn them. You helped make the process of healing smoother and to heal from the inside out. You helped me understand and find the “Why’s?” of life. Thank you for creating a remarkable therapeutic environment. When emotions are numb, we need people that will warm our hearts. Thank you for helping to bring life into mine and helping me find my inner strength and joy again. ~ Lisa Z

Astonishingly effective. Wonderful therapist, more like a shaman than anything else! A sacred experience that I shall carry with me for the rest of my life. ~ Emma T

My life has been transformed. Thank you! I feel so blessed to have been in our group. The connections between us with issues etc. were uncanny and so healing. And I owe so much to Lisa. She heard each of us so clearly and individualized the work in such beautiful ways. She communicated clearly and compassionately. I’m so grateful for her in my life. ~ Sue H.

Lisa was absolutely amazing. I’ve had tons of therapists and she’s the only one I’ve been this open and honest with. And never afraid of being judged. She 100 percent helped me help myself. ~ Allison F.

Lisa is an incredible facilitator, therapist, and child of God. She is patient, caring, empathetic and taught me so much about my habits and issues. Not only did she help me make progress, but she helped me experience miracles and to remove this cancer of shame. ~ Tracey S.

Lisa was the most energetic and knowledgeable counselor-therapist I have ever worked with. The value of so many aspects of her workshops will stay with me forever! ~ Dawn B.

Lisa was an amazing facilitator for my healing and our group’s experience. She was extremely adaptive to the needs and used personal (safe) experiences and humor to help us feel comfortable and loved. I felt completely safe, calm, and actively involved in my experience. I will never forget this and plan on using these tools for life! Thank you so much! ~ Jenny P.

Never would I have envisioned or imagined the ability to feel so safe and trusting, to be free and open up, let go and express feeling. From the start Lisa and her approach and inclusion of personal work and examples enabled me to connect with her on a level where I could get involved so quickly. This was and amazing group and amazing work was done! Thank you. ~ Sarah D.

Lisa was amazing. She was so easy to relate to because she is so real. Her ways of teaching touched me so deeply because I could actually relate to all. She taught me so many skills and beautifully allowed me to release my pain and fear, let go of some things, and take care of my inner child. Lisa was incredible! ~ Nissa R.

This has been a wonderful experience. I feel like I have unloaded some things that I’ve been carrying for 20 years. I am excited about taking back tools to put to use to restore order to my life. Thank you Lisa! ~ Jamie H.

I had very high expectations for this week and am pleased in feeling that they were met. The experiential work was very intense and helpful like no other therapy I have ever had. ~ David

I really appreciate Lisa. Incredible amount of work. Incredible love, acceptance, and patience with us all. Very calming. Very attentive. Very sweet. Still had the ability to make us smile at varying times. ~ Kimberly A.

Lisa’s compassion and knowledge and understanding is beyond excellent. My one week with her I learned more than 3 years of therapy. Thank you! ~ Lisa K.

Lisa is excellent. When issues or concerns came up we could easily approach her and have a thoughtful discussion to resolve the problem. Her approach was really encourages team spirit with lots of support between participants. Overall this was a very enlightening and thought provoking experience. ~ Kathy H.

Lisa is excellent. She helped me incredibly and guided me through some difficult issues very successfully. I observed her tailor, her approach/skills individually to each member of our group. ~ Dan D.

Lisa was an amazing facilitator. I doubted my ability to get deep down. But she was able to guide me there and it was a huge catharsis. I am grateful. ~ Bruce W.

I would not have imagined a more perfect group. Lisa was an amazing facilitator. She was dead on all of the time. She was caring, patient, grounding and had so much to give us. I am so lucky to have had her. ~ Aaron O.

This has been an amazing week. Lisa is incredible at making a person feel safe, protected, and cared for. Very easy to trust her and on the process, and trust is one of my biggest issues. Thank you. ~ Kristen B.

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