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We have sought this profession with a strong desire to help people. Week in and week out we all do our best with the time allotted to help our clients break through their chronic self-sabotage patterns or guide them through a life crisis. Yet, scheduling, logistics and other factors create barriers that delay progress or make the impasse seem insurmountable. For years, I have honed my skills in private practice, treatment centers and agencies and found myself wishing I had more time or the right venue to address my clients with the time, intensity, and modalities needed to move beyond that stuck point and on to success. I have designed my practice to deliver any length of session or intensive necessary to accomplish this goal. By combining leading edge mind-body processes, cardiac coherence driven approaches and evidence-based techniques, clients are moved beyond their “stuck point” and returned to you to continue your fine work.

Your clients are welcome to participate in an intensive or even just a few sessions to help move them beyond their “stuck point” and will be handed back to you with coordination of care.

I offer on-site, in-office and distance support as needed. Let’s work together to get our clients what they need in the fastest way possible. I am honored to work with you.

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