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Anahata, the heart chakra is the fourth primary chakra, according to Hindu and Buddhist traditions. In Sanskrit, anahata means "unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten."


Frustrated? Out-of-control eating? Feeling lost after divorce or breakup of a relationship? You try over and over again and say to yourself, "This time it will be different". But, inevitably the diet or relationship fails and you are back where you started feeling alone, overwhelmed and sad. Maybe you are confused about how this could happen again. If you are fed up with having the same experience and want to take your life to optimal levels, now is the time to take care of YOU first.

Whether you are working through a difficult issue, want to improve your relationships or are just wanting to live your best life- you may benefit from the leading edge techniques used at my practice.

You may book any length of appointment. You set the pace. You and I develop a customized plan to achieve your goals. I offer comprehensive, intensive and personalized services to get you results FAST! Together, we navigate the journey to your optimal health and wellness.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. EMDR is a set of standardized protocols that incorporates elements from many different treatment approaches.  

Although, EMDR addresses the psychological and physical symptoms stemming from trauma, it is also used to treat anxiety, depression, OCD, relationship and attachment issues, performance enhancement and more. 

Most people at some point in their lives become aware of a pattern of thinking, persistent unwanted behavior or even self-sabotage. Although desperately desired, they are unsuccessful at changing the behavior on their own. EMDR addresses core beliefs, ingrained patterns from childhood and adverse life experiences that may be at the root of these issues.  


One important difference between EMDR and traditional talk therapy is that during EMDR a client does not have to talk about the negative event or trauma to get resolution. They need only hold the image in their mind while the therapist guides them. Talk therapy helps to understand the “why” of what happened or the results of what happened. EMDR resolves the issues, heals them and helps to create a new framework for life going forward. 

I have been a practitioner of EMDR for 18 years and my clients have had great success with this modality. 

For more information on EMDR click here


Pia Melody’s Model of Developmental Immaturity is used by many professionals and centers around the globe. It is an effective model for understanding and treating the core issues that lead to codependency and other addictions.  Lisa interned and later became a Survivor’s counselor at The Meadows of Wickenburg Arizona, one of the top 10 rehabs in the world, and well respected in the field for their treatment of trauma, addictions, and love addiction/codependency.   Survivor’s is a world -renowned week long workshop that addresses childhood trauma using Pia Melody’s Model of Developmental Immaturity and a gestalt-like experiential process for healing of the core issues.  She was trained by Pia Melody, Claudia Black, Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Dr. Shelley Uram and others during her time there.


This technique uses various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture points, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy to reduce negative emotional reactions and behaviors.


A series of physical exercises developed by Dr. David Bercelli that assist in releasing deeply held patterns of tension and stress in the body, leading to a calmer nervous system and more relaxed feeling in mind and body.


Is a much deeper process than regular hypnotherapy or talk therapy. Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy is psychotherapy in a relaxed state of consciousness to get underneath self-sabotaging patterns of behavior and agreements made in childhood that are now showing up in the life of the adult person as unwanted behaviors, patterns or situations.  Core issues are addressed in a deeper and more profound way. The client in the hypnotic state used for clinical hypnotherapy is fully aware of his or her surroundings and interacts with the therapist. The goal is to open the door between the subconscious and the conscious mind and effect life-long transformation.


Identify, heal and resolve what Carl Jung called “the shadow” parts of self that remain unconscious yet manifest in sabotage, undesirable behaviors and negative thought patterns which cause problems in one’s life.


You will be involved in a thought provoking and creative process where goals are identified and accountability is agreed upon in order to move you forward. Homework assignments and follow through are a part of this process. If goals are not met or agreements not followed through with, we will work together to identify limiting beliefs and patterns of sabotage that may be getting in your way. Coaching clients are asked to make a commitment of at least three months of consistency to achieve their goals.  If the issues seem to be rooted in unresolved issues or trauma related you will be consulted about considering therapy to resolve them in order to move forward.


Some have abandoned all things spiritual due to trauma, growing up with a religion that was forced upon them, being lost in the throes of addiction, or simply questioning what works for them. Most at this stage feel a sense of disconnection and emptiness.  You will be guided to develop a spiritual practice that works for your current belief system to bring you a sense of connection and fulfillment.



There are many ways to spirituality. One of the aspects that makes my practice unique is that I assist my clients in connecting, creating or deepening their spiritual practice based on their own belief system. This practice may be simple or elaborate based on an individual’s wants and needs. Practices may include nature/earth based, quantum physics, their own religion, metaphysics, the angelic realm, prayer, meditation, intention, ritual, dance, painting, “shamanic” techniques and more. Support and guidance are offered during the spiritual journey, helping you to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and intuition.

The path to self-growth and awareness is accessible when the inner energies are harnessed and channeled correctly. I will help you to develop skills on an emotional, spiritual and energetic level that will enhance the quality of your life, improve your intuition and easily access your inner guidance system.













Breathwork is a form of continuous conscious breathing that induces a deep state of relaxation much like hypnosis. The continual breath accesses the unconscious mind and cellular memory to heal emotions, traumas, body, mind and spirit. Often times there may be a cathartic emotional release as well as expanded sense of spirituality.


Past Life Regression A form of psychotherapy using hypnosis to access past life patterns that are impacting the current life.

Soul Retrieval During traumatic events, fragments of soul may splinter resulting in soul loss. These soul pieces need to be reintegrated into the self. With the help of the therapist, the client is empowered and guided in hypnosis to recover his own soul pieces and is therefore able to live a fuller expression of life.

Other Shamanic/Energy Processes: A variety of other processes are offered depending on the needs of the client.


This ancient Japanese method of healing uses energy directed toward the client.  It is believed to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and well -being. Reiki techniques are used to balance the body, mind and the spirit.  Stress reduction and relaxation is improved which aids in overall improved attitude, mood and health. Reiki helps to bring about a state of inner peace and harmony. It also helps to balance the chakra system.



In office 


Group workshops

Day rate, plus travel expenses my apply to sessions on location.

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