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The Quickening - Sacred Love Dance

When masculine thinking and doing merge with feminine being and feeling, the divine masculine and feminine are born to create the sacred relationship.

Lovers in sacred relationship allow for fullest expression of the higher self by offering unconditional presence and love thereby creating emotional safety and mutual trust . Their flowing presence and connection flow first from within due to self understanding and connection with spirit.

This love holds sacred space for their partner and themselves with each being as important. They know themselves deeply in order to learn and explore the other. Their joining can be both transcendent and transforming. When sexual union takes place from the true self, the quickening occurs, the exchange of sacred sexual energies merge in blissful union with spirit.

In order to attain such a state, one must connect with their higher self and understand their own inherent worthiness. Otherwise, the personality will push such a sacred union from their experience when they deem themselves unworthy of such love and presence. Although their partner will always see no contradictions in their partner’s worthiness, they are unable to receive what they don’t believe they deserve. True love allows their departure to learn, grow and heal, even when they don’t return to them.

Lisa Angelini, MAPC, LPC, ACCHT

Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach



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