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Happy New Year

The new year is upon us and while we may feel relieved to say goodbye to chapter 2020, many of us may feel either trepidatious or indifferent about what’s next. So many of us have lived through what feels to be craziness on galactic levels, and these happenings were more than our most anxious minds could have made up. However, the calendar is turning and there is much we need to remember.

The most important tidbit here is getting in touch with your soul. You are the master of your experience, even when you cannot control what’s going on around and outside you. Your journey is your own and you always have your own internal compass. Sometimes we need to adjust the frequency to realign with it, but it’s always present. We all long for clarity, that feeling when what you know aligns with what you feel . . . that rewarding feeling when you know the right decision to make.

During these times, how can you sift through the rubble to find your clarity, to reacquaint with your inner compass? You do the next right thing. You become aware of your breath. You quiet your inner chatter and wash the dish in your sink while feeling the warm soapy water glide over your hands.

I used to observe my grandmother as she moved through her household tasks, and I believe she was in this space. She would often look out the window as she washed her pots, with a special quiet stillness about her. Her hands would smooth over laundry with purpose, as she hung her sheets to dry in the sun.

When you do the next right thing with intention and love, you begin to notice things just out of reach beneath the inner chatter. You slow down, while still moving forward. Perspective shifts as you notice what arises and do the next right thing. All the while, you are becoming closer to your own inner compass, which is the place that guides you on your journey.

We are turning the page to a new year. I hope you choose yourself, while doing the next right thing. I hope you find joy in the things within your reach, and that you continue to stretch towards that which feels beyond. There is much to be grateful for, and together we create caring, supportive community. Notice that which your proud of and set some new goals that you would like to accomplish. Before you know it, you will be back in touch with your inner knowing and feeling more alive with purpose.

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