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Embracing the Divine Masculine and Feminine

Over the course of time, masculine and feminine traits have been judged, misinterpreted, and out of balance, yielding two separate, unhealthy categories of being. Each one separate, either masculine or feminine has been seen for its perceived negative aspects. The pendulum between each pole has swung fiercely to one side, then the next. Now, it is time to seed the joining of each healthy counterpart. At this time of rapid change and question, both internally within each of us and the world at large, merging the sacred aspects of masculine and feminine is the vital remedy to life ongoing. These energies and characteristics when united, synergistically and harmoniously work together, bringing forth life in equal measure for all.

Whereas in the past, feminine traits have been diminished and seen as passive and uncertain, we now embrace the strength and breadth of capacity within the scope of the divine feminine. There is creative life force, an honoring of wisdom and acceptance of all within the feminine.

Consider mother Earth's example of bountiful giving, thriving untouched habitats and diverse landscape and population. She is the all that holds and provides for the all. The divine feminine both recognizes and encompasses the all that is the interconnectedness of life. She holds community in wholeness and balance for the greater good of all through providing, serving and protecting.

Through inclusion, listening, understanding, supporting and affirming the all, there is heart-centered equality for all, grounded in compassion. Decision making is a natural intuitive process using deep perception through oneness, and body wisdom.

Likewise, the traits of masculine energy have been misinterpreted and misguided as forceful, power hungry, abusive and causing great conflict. Whereas seeing the perceived negative traits and their results caused the pendulum to swing in the opposite direction, healthy masculine characteristics co-create beautifully. The divine masculine speaks truth and knows that feeling is sacred. He faces conflict and stands up for what is right with courage. Aware of the past and mistakes made, these do not limit or inhibit present power. Having reverence for the natural world with equal strength and compassion, and using power for unification and creation, rather than self- domination or greed, are all counterparts of the healthy masculine.

These mutually beneficial equivalents reside within each one of us. As men and women, we each have the opportunity to become aware of and embrace the healthy aspects of male and female energy. When we embrace and carry forth these positive aspects, we flourish both as individuals and the collective.

Lisa Angelini,MAPC, LPC, ACCHT

Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach



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