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Belonging in Love

February, long known as the month of love, is upon us. Though romantic love is advertised everywhere you look, love comes in many forms and is available to all of us. Recently, we’ve heard much about self-love and self-care; and connecting with ourselves, our own well-being and happiness is paramount. Speaking to yourself positively, celebrating small wins and nourishing your body with good food, joyful movement and the energy of those who encourage you are all acts of self-love.

Filling your own cup and letting it spill out to the world creates a loving legacy of ripples with an exponential effect. Small acts of kindness make a difference in the world and the lives of others. These little deeds can plant a smile on someone’s face and grow to reach anyone else with whom they come into contact. The more acts you perform, the more people are touched, the more they touch others. It’s simply transferable joy.

Acts of loving kindness are valuable, no matter how big or small. Once you have this awareness, you can commit to little acts each day and they become part of a web of enduring kindness radiating into the world like a hug. Some acts of kindness may come automatically like holding the door open for someone behind you or waving someone in to cut in front of you in traffic. And, it can be fun to think of other ways to spread love. You can call or text a friend just to say hello, pay for someone else’s coffee, give someone a genuine compliment and donate things that you no longer need.

Kindness promotes gratitude because you have the ability to contribute and do something that makes a difference to someone. When someone engages in acts of kindness, their levels of empathy and compassion rise, and this establishes more connectedness and a sense of belonging.

Mother Teresa once said, “not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” When we do small things with great love, we feel more positively about ourselves and others. Neurochemicals that promote wellbeing can be released by acts of loving kindness and bonds between one another are reinforced. Acts of kindness are a love and joy enhancer, and stress reducer.

This month, I’d like to offer a challenge. Can you commit to a daily random act of kindness, no matter how small? Even an intentional smile will do. They’re free, but not always given with ease. It can be a little experiment and I’d love for you to share your findings with me.

Go forth and spread love and kindness to yourself and others; and see how your world becomes more filled with love.


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