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The Song House is a seaside haven

Our retreat location,The Song House is located just outside Falcarragh, a quaint seaside town off the beaten path and exudes a cozy, pleasant historic vibe. Surrounded by lush green and deep blue oceanic views, this quaint seaside haven is the perfect Irish town to explore.

With much to see, it’s charming buildings, beautiful seaside gardens, beach, historic stone landmarks, and churches are a sight to behold. The area is steeped in traditional Irish music and friendly people who can still speak Gaelic!

The Song House (or Teach na nAmhrán in Irish) is a creative space that is the perfect place to stay and explore the rugged wilderness of authentic Ireland. The Song House lies in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht – an area where Irish is commonly spoken.

This beautiful locale is sandwiched between wild and expansive Atlantic sandy beaches on one side, and the Derryveagh mountain range on the other, with superb views of Muckish mountain to the east.

Nestled in the foothills of Muckish mountain in the wilds of the Donegal Gaeltacht in the north west of Ireland, the Song House is an inspirational retreat centre, a place to reconnect with the essentials in life.

Surrounded by elemental nature- the wild Atlantic ocean, expansive sandy beaches, mountains and bogland, it is a place that fosters reconnection to ourselves, rekindling a sense of community, and our place on Mother Earth.

From the Errigal or Muckish mountains you will be rewarded with a panorama of the whole of northwest Ireland.

Every day, something of staggering beauty can take your breath away: wind blown patterns in the sand, unusual cloud formations, an unexpected cluster of wild orchids along a lane, or the lark’s song high above the bogland.

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