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The adventure of self exploration begins with bravery

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. “ - Rumi

The adventure of self exploration begins with bravery. It takes courage to look within and explore your depths in order to heal. It takes courage to lean in and embrace sacred tears.

Many try to find the shortcuts to “enlightenment” by dismissing their past and focusing only on now and creating their future. You cannot ignore your history as it has brought you to this now and affected your life and relationships.

So, why do we build barriers to love? Barriers are walls constructed for self protection. Barriers look like unconscious self sabotage, addictions of all kinds or finding reasons that now is not the time to be, do or have what you want. These

often present as making poor choices in relationships, work and finances.

One day the choice to remain bound to “what is” will no longer be an option, because you will decide to choose yourself.

Now is the time to shift big. To live the life you have always dreamed of, have the relationships and experiences that you want to have and do work that you absolutely love. It all starts with what’s in the center of your chest, your heart. By removing the barriers to complete self -love you will attain your heart’s desire.

Lisa Angelini, MAPC, LPC, ACCHT

Holistic Psychotherapist and Coach



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