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Learning to Trust Yourself, Again

woman on top of a mountain

There are times in life when you will fall from the place where you feel connected and sure, losing touch with your truth, alignment and capacity to feel. When there has been a chronic situation of not having your needs met, or longtime pain and grief, some of your connectors can feel deadened and unreachable.

Sometimes, the self-protection that served a purpose in your survival prohibits the return to life. Whether you are aware of the measures you have taken to self-protect or they were more subconscious and automatic, it oftentimes will require intentional replacement of these constructed coping mechanisms to come back to fertile production. You are not meant to remain in survival mode!

Uncertainty can be immobilizing, and because of conditioned fear from challenging experiences, it can keep you out of your body. However, it is only in your body that you can be truly self-aware, learn to trust again, and begin to feel alive.

Take a moment to step back inside your body. Pull your breath in through your nose and feel it settle down to the bottom of your belly before the next inhale. Notice your breath expanding and contracting your lungs. Become aware of what feels like your center, your gut and your inner core.

Coming back can feel vulnerable or even dangerous, but the answers are all within the return to self. The truth is, that as human beings, the safest place to be is aware of self, in-tune with self and self-loved. This doesn’t mean that you won’t make decisions that you will later regret, or that you won’t again feel pain and suffering. It means, that you get to do what’s best for yourself with the internal and external resources that you have in each given circumstance. And, those things, those experiences that result in what you need or choose to discard, can become the fertilizer in your garden of self, that will nurture and blossom that which you choose to tend and grow.

You don’t need to come back all at once. With tiny micro practices, consciously breathing, feeling your body, noticing the elements around you, the earth beneath your feet, and the sunlight’s warmth, you will be on the road to being in your body and learning to trust yourself, again.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” – Ernest Hemingway

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