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"Coming Home to Self"

in Donegal, Ireland

July 2 - 9, 2020


In the safety and support of our intimate group, you will be guided through unique experiences and sacred ceremonies designed to assist in the unfolding and emergence of your true authenticity, recovering the deepest hidden treasures you hold within and making them available to every aspect of your being for growth, support and true self love.    


Let go of long held beliefs and attitudes that no longer serve you and truly Come Home to Self.


"Newbold House"

Newbold House is an inspiring environment. We are committed to your transformative experience and our selection of venue for our retreat reflects this. We couldn’t have picked a more amazing place to hold The Awakened Feminine Retreat 2018. Newbold offers a very special combination of magical ingredients you won’t find anywhere else.

This transformative haven, run by a small community in the beautiful North East of Scotland, offers a unique blend of professional hospitality coupled with a welcoming atmosphere and commitment to service.  The building retains the charm and grace and many of the original features of the late Victorian era, including their iconic and wonderful conservatory which offers a sun-lit oasis in which to sit on summer days, converse, eat a meal, sleep, put the world to rights.  Surrounded by organic gardens and extensive woodlands they offer direct access to nature whilst still being within easy reach of local facilities and the un-spoilt Moray coast. 

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This retreat is experiential and transformational, facilitated self-development but unlike any self-development course you have ever attended. This retreat offers genuine tools and processes combined with a variety of practises that can support and deepen your experience of personal reconnection and homecoming; but what makes this retreat different to most is that your journey home to self is guided and safely held by a professional experienced psychotherapist, Lisa Angelini. 

Deconstruct old beliefs, attitudes and insecurities, that no longer serve you/block you from receiving what you want.

Create/construct a new version of self that fits with your authentic divine essence.

Let go of comparison and embrace self-acceptance and love.

Improve your intuition and learn to trust yourself implicitly.

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Forres on the North East coast of Scotland, a short journey from the picturesque village of Findhorn; both places are perfect for craft shopping, coffee and cake and small local museums. We benefit from glorious nature, a microclimate that provides some of the best weather in the UK and close contact with the internationally famous Findhorn Foundation and eco-village, renowned for its wealth of skilled and qualified integrative therapists. Six miles from the Moray coast, named one of the 12 "most beautiful and unspoiled coastlines" by National Geographic Travel magazine, the area offers a huge range of activities including hiking, biking, historic castles and gardens, local crafters, cashmere, whiskey and golf! You can also use this as a base for greater exploration of the Highlands, Cairngorm National park and Loch Ness.

More ideas should you choose to vacation after the retreat:

Dolphin and seal watching, wildlife tracking, white water rafting, ceilidh dancing, walks, horse riding, whiskey tours, historic castles, woolen mills, local cashmere and lots more!


Red Circle
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Marli R.




Coming here I had no idea what to expect and I really had moments of wanting to cancel. Once I got here it took me a moment to relax, but once I did the experience was an incredible journey. It left me loving women, feeling peace, feeling loved, feeling joy. There is something so profound about this experience and I very much hope to join Sarah and Lisa in July of 2019.  ~ Teresa, D, Yamhill,  Oregon

"Lisa's Awakened Feminine Retreat in Scotland was the best gift I have ever given to my spiritual self. This was the first time I had ever traveled solo, no friends or family. Upon arriving in Scotland, I met other incredible women there who were ready to go on the same adventure as me. The retreat gave me an opportunity to travel and meet new people, all while discovering I am a strong independent woman who is capable of breaking free of insecurities. Not only did the retreat teach me about self-worth and self-healing, it also taught me how amazing and breathtaking Scotland really is. When you breathe that morning Scottish air and you meet their wonderful people, I guarantee you will come to adore and appreciate such gorgeous country.  I highly recommend this retreat to any woman who is ready to go on an adventure and learn about themselves more in depth. Your spiritual-self will thank you!" ~ Cynthia A. 

This retreat was inspiring and has opened my heart. I would strongly encourage coming to Scotland and making life changing experiences with Lisa and Sarah. I feel I am leaving this place a happier and stronger woman.  ~ Misty K., Scottsdale, AZ


As a professional woman and mother, I realized I was having to live a masculine role at work and a feminine role at home. Always feeling torn about my roles, who I was , and who I should be. The Awakened Feminine Retreat helped me bring all these different roles together. through connection with nature, spirit and bonding with women,  was able to heal at deep levels. I left the retreat with peace, confidence and a connection to myself and others that I feel I could not have gotten any place else. This is a retreat for all women searching to connect and heal their inner self. ~ Jennifer R., Scottsdale, AZ

During the retreat I could feel my stress melting. Being away from routines helped to keep me immersed in the work. I felt very free to BE… just be. I felt very comfortable to be open and vulnerable. My heart and feelings were always protected. I felt safe to investigate my inner self. I found a peace of mind I was able to bring home with me and keep in my daily life. I seem to approach issues with a more calm state of mind and more personal balance.  ~ Jessica B.

The Awakened Feminine Retreat was a wonderful experience for bonding with other women and re-connecting with the strength that is uniquely feminine. The retreat offered a combination of exercises to explore personal experiences of life and growing up as a woman in our society, as well as opportunities for seeing the historical and mystical sites of Scotland. I personally tapped into areas that were previously unexplored and examined my role as a woman in my family and in society from a different angle. While I had an awareness that there was something below the surface that needed deeper exploration, the retreat enhanced that awareness and has led me to seek new methods to delve deeper. The combination of feminine spiritual work in ethereal surroundings provided an atmosphere that allowed both sensitive and peaceful awakening. ~ Marli R.


Teresa D.

Cynthia A.

Jessica B.

Sarah Houldsworth, PHD

Sarah is a PhD qualified professional Earth scientist with a deep love and understanding of the natural world. She is never happier than when outside in the natural world whether it's on family nature walks, personal forest mediation walks, foraging, or collecting materials for wild crafting projects. Her outward journey of exploration in the natural world has been mirrored by a personal inner journey of understanding and self-acceptance which started over twenty years ago with taking self-development courses, volunteering for similar courses in support and organisational roles and through intensive integrative process therapy. These experiences developed her personal practises in guided visualisation, meditation and other techniques for authentic self-connection.


 Sarah believes that regular time in the held intentional spaces of circles is the perfect counterbalance for her experience of a busy doing, masculine dominated world. She is a graduated moon circle leader with the Wild Woman Project and holds monthly women's circles in her home community of Edinburgh. Sarah also an amateur oral story-teller (trained with the Scottish Story Telling Centre) and studies Celtic mythology, Wise Woman archetypes and Eco-feminism with folklorists and women's psychologists.


 Geologist, storyteller, nature lover, open minded but rooted in rock, Sarah brings her own special blend of story-telling, knowledge of mythical archetypes, folklore, the natural world, nature connection and Earth science to this retreat and is excited to be sharing some her passions with you.


Lisa Angelini, MAPC, LPC, ACHT

Lisa Angelini has a passion for empowering women to release the inauthentic patterns that keep them from realizing their true self-worth, gifts, talents, joy, and life-purpose. Through her own spiritual journey, she learned the value of utilizing her inherent feminine energy, both gentle and strong, to break through behavioral barriers and connect with the divine essence within. She feels an undeniable calling to assist other women in clearly recognizing and accessing their own energy and wisdom for a deep healing experience that can be used again and again.

With a unique combination of directness and sensitivity, compassion and humor, Lisa weaves her formal training as a Psychotherapist with her knowledge of Shamanic universal wisdom, creating a profound experiential process to unlock the power of the subconscious mind for healing and change. Lisa has the ability to help you re-connect to your divine self, releasing blocks that no longer serve you and replacing them with effective strategies to tap into your spirit and move forward confidently along life’s path.

In addition to offering national and international retreats, Lisa is a trained facilitator of Wild Women Project Moon Circles and offers these experiences to cultivate sisterhood and community both locally and globally.

Lisa brings 15 years experience as a life coach, holistic psychotherapist, energy practitioner and spiritual teacher. She has worked at some of the leading mental health facilities in the world and has served celebrity clientele as well as the homeless. She has been trained by leaders in the field of psychology, coaching and spirituality.

Lisa offers on-site intensives, individual or group counseling and coaching sessions at her Scottsdale, Arizona office, and web-based or phone consultation.



$1500 US

*Subject to current exchange rate and processing fee, charged in USD

Pay Full Retreat Fee of $1560

A 4% credit card processing fee is included in the fees above 

Pay Deposit $520 (Non-Refundable)


Cash, check, wire transfer and credit card accepted.

A 4% credit card processing fee is included in the fee above

Excludes airfare and transportation.






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