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Awakened Feminine Retreat Take Aways

The Awakened Feminine Retreat will be held in Forres, Scotland this year from August 9 - 13, 2018. Will you be one of the fortunate attendees that will...


In the safety and support of our intimate group, you will be guided through unique experiences and sacred ceremonies designed to assist in the unfolding and emergence of your true authenticity, recovering the deepest hidden treasures you hold within and making them available to every aspect of your being for growth, support and true self love.

Here is a summary of the take aways that you will be receiving throughout this retreat and on your return.


  • Your deepest wisest self and meet your true authentic soul

  • Your feminine gifts and archetype in all the forms and essence expressed in you

  • Your full potential as a grown-up woman, recognize your skills and experience and reclaim your worth as a subtle powerful feminine being

  • The journey to rediscover your hearts passion and your souls true purpose

  • Your own precious self as your best friend, guide and mentor

  • The journey home to self in a beautiful location with other beautiful women


  • Meditation, ceremony and ritual to enrich or develop personal practises to support your future life goals

  • Your intuition and subconscious wisdom through different meditation and holistic practices

  • Ways to align your inner truths with your external actions in the world

  • The special value and power in the held intentional space of a women's circle

  • New ways of creating or developing your own practices that will help you connect to authentic feminine self yourself whenever you choose

  • Tools and techniques to step out of your head and into your heart to realign yourself with who you really are and what you stand for, whenever you choose

  • New experiences and techniques that you may choose to build into your life to support you in the future


  • Stillness of mind free from internal scripts that may have limited you in the past

  • Challenging the false beliefs, you may have held against yourself for years and learn how to replace them with new truths that connect you to your feminine power

  • Different techniques for meditation and guided visualization as effective ways to connect to your inner wisdom and truths.

  • Holistic and shamanic practices that can bring about healing and transformation combined with therapeutic techniques

  • Being witnessed in a non-judgmental women's circle format and its power to transform

  • The power of silent witnessing for other women's journeys and learn how to hold space as a collective and individual is an act of deepest feminine compassion that helps opens your own heart to yourself

  • The relief of shifting long held beliefs and attitudes towards yourself and other woman than no longer serve you and may have never truly served you

  • The magic of oral story-telling drawn from the folklore and Celtic mythology and how stories told eye to eye can connect to our feminine psyche


  • Your own innate inspiration and creativity and learn to access it to enrich your life and support your goals

  • Supportive, genuine, non-judgmental sisterhood perhaps for the first time

  • How finding your voice and speaking from a place of “masks-off” vulnerability in a safe space can be revelatory and discover how this vulnerability is the foundation of your own true strength

  • What the awakened feminine is for your own unique self


  • A fully catered, relaxing environment for your journey back to your self.

  • The company of other women on the same path as you

  • A variety of group processes, facilitated meditation & visualisation, personal journaling time and solo contemplation time in and around the beautiful setting of Newbold House in Northeast Scotland

  • Nature connection through guided meditative walks, contemplative solo experience and creative practices and how nature can help bring us back to ourselves

  • The support of two facilitators during the retreat

  • A follow up one to one coaching session with holistic psychotherapist and life coach Lisa Angelini ($200 value)

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